History about Temple

While attempting to unvil the treasures of the past , the legendary features regarding the orgin of the temple catch attention. In the North, those in Sukapuram village lived in vengeance with those in Panniyoor village.The Sukapuram villagers with the help of samorin got “Abhisheka”(ritual pouring of selected articles on the idol) conducted with boiling ghee on “Varaha Moorthy”, the supreme village god of Panniyoor ,thus spoiling the devine power of the drity.Being deeply felt in this event,a pious “Brahmana” left his village on Desadanam (travel from place to place). Now that the man was so ardently devout that the mental pain began to mount up, there occurs a devine power and filled his mind with the words “ adore me;your sadness will subside” and blessed him. This devine power took incarnation as “Sastha”, co existing with sprouce and child. The “Brahmana” continued to travel and finally settled at Oliyappuram village near Koothattukulam. Gradually the stories of blessings because of his devoutness spread to be known in other places also. Once there took place a heavy drought throwing people into endless miseries. For redressal the people approached this holyman. The “Brahmana” ,in response came to this place(Piravom) with the idol, being worshipped by him and blessed the villages. He offered “Abhisheka” with 1008 tender coconuts to the deity ,being worshipped by him and the rain followed put an end to the draught. After his demise ,the idol continued to be worshipped in the “Thevarappura”(shrine attached to a namboothiri – illom) of Kollimuttom Illom. Subsequently prathishta (ritual installation of the idol giving devine power there to by way of deeds) was made done by “Alampilly Thirumeni”, the spiritual guru of Kollimuttom illom and thus the present temple came into existency.

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